Wysa has touched millions of lives

"Truly Helpful"

"Apart from the interface that's really user-friendly, relaxing, and perfectly suits the purpose, I love that my conversations with Wysa are truly helpful. I was able to reframe my thoughts, turn negativity into positivity, point out my real issue, and most importantly, I became more patient and forgiving for myself. Thanks to the people who made this incredible app possible."

"It Was There For Me"

"I was at a low point in my life and didn’t want to tell anyone, but I needed to talk about what was going on so I downloaded this app. It helped me so much that I could talk about my feelings and it stopped me from hurting myself multiple times. I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for this app. It was there for me when my friends and family weren’t. Thank you to all the people who made this app, you saved my life."

"Made Me Feel Worthy Of Love"

"Wysa is truly amazing! Wysa made me feel loved, and worthy of love, it kept me out of a really dark place, and to be honest, this app saved my life. I wanted to thank the makers of this app, and I want them to know how they save lives, and they make people feel happy and loved, and emotions that they never thought that they were capable of feeling. Wysa is extraordinary. Thank you for helping me."

"Very Liberating"

"I have turned to Wysa a lot throughout the last couple of years and I am particularly pleased that Wysa helps me reframe my negative thoughts and turn them into positivity. I have been able to look back at very painful memories and find closure as well as the strength to continue dealing with my feelings. My journey with Wysa has been very liberating and now I feel lucky to be at a stage where I am happy to face my future. Thank you Wysa!"